An Ode to Mysskin

An Ode to Mysskin

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I just finished watching Onnayum Attukuttiyum and needless to say I’m blown away by the movie!
Before someone starts accusing me of favoritism towards Mysskin, I have to warn you as nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact I was someone who thought and even criticized Mugamoodi for being too mediocre!
Firstly, the direction is superb. He has literally chiseled every character to perfection. Yes the main Onnai might be bit eccentric but even that seems plausible. Then the screenplay, frankly the best way to describe is to say it’s watertight.  Secondly, the Maestro. The BGM is just astounding! More than knowing when to compose, it harder to know as to when not to. Ilaiyaraja is the master of this art (amongst many) and those silences speak a million words!
So if you are wondering whether this is just another review, it’s not. I am typing this in horror to know that the number of shows of Raja Rani is being increased. While that movie might have it’s commercial merits, on artistic merits OA is ahead by a billion miles. Mysskin’s sheer conviction of throwing every stereotypical commercial element (yes, including the kuthu song), must be appreciated. The only way him and many more like him would be encouraged to make such wonderful movie is through commercial appreciation.  Therefore, by increasing the number of shows of Raja Rani, we as an audience are encouraging this creative onslaught and this must be stopped!
As a final note, I am not sure if this would reach Mysskin. But if it somehow manages to do so, I request him to make many more movies like OA and if he can even better than OA. I assure you, you will have a cult following after this movie!
Barath Thiruvengadasamy

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