12 reason why Asin is loved by her fans!

12 reason why Asin is loved by her fans!

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Asin, a name you would have heard million times if you are a fan of Indian cinema. On 31 August 2013, Asin completed 12 years in Indian Cinema. She has a very strong fan base in India. Here are 12 reasons why this south siren is loved so much!

1) A young achiever - Asin wanted to be like her dad and started helping him in his business of antiques, real estate,hospital equipment, and marketing devices. She used to achieve marketing targets, which led her to win 'young entrepreneurial award' at the age of 14. She debuted at a young age of 15 and won her first Filmfare at the age of 18. All this makes her a young achiever.

2) Youth Icon - Asin was a state topper in French and wanted to write civil service exams. She has balanced her career with her studies and private life. Inspite of being successful in films, she decided to complete her graduation. She is a perfect role model for today's youth.

3) Amazing performer - Famous Director V.K.Prakash said " I directed Asin for her first commercial. Normally we have to work hard on models but this girl came and performed so well. There was so much spontaneity and vibrance". Even before Asin's film debut, Cameraman Anil Mehta and Director R.Balki had predicted that Asin will make it big.

4) National fame- After Sridevi, it was Asin who shot to national fame from south. Being a non trained actress and still successfully transforming from south to Bollywood is not something that anyone can do.

5) Award winning actress - No one can deny that the actress is highly talented after watching herfilms like Ghajini, Sivamani and Dashavataaram. She is a winner of three Filmfare awards, Santosham Best Actress award, Kalaimani award and many other awards.

6) Fresh Change - Usually as actresses go through their career,they lose their individuality and become more like everyone else. But Asin is a fresh change in the league of top Indian actresses. In an industry where skin show plays a huge role, Asin has proved that the true meaning of being sexy is having confidence and not shedding clothes.

7) 100 Crore Queen - Asin is the first Indian actress with a 100C film in both Bollywood and South. She has enjoyed continuous success in her career. Asin has films like Ghajini, Dashavataram­, Ready, Housefull2 and Bol Bachchan to her credit.

8 ) Intelligence - Asin is known for her intelligence. She knows Malayalam, English,Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and a bit of Kannada, French, Sanskrit and German. This itself is a proof that she is a beauty with 'brain'.

9) Groundness - Asin doesn't seek attention. Her interaction with media conveys groundedness and maturity. Asin's attitude towards success is striking. She is considered to be one of the most down to earth actresses.

10) Miss Photogenic- Asin is considered to be very photogenic. She has a very expressive face and eyes, which lights up as soon as the camera is turned on. In photos, she lets her most natural expressions speak for itself.

11) Charitable - Asin, who hails from a rich family, has been doing charity even before venturing into films. Asin funds the education of few orphan kids and a part of her income goes to charity. Her father says “She believes in doing something for the poor and we are happy that she thinks that way. We are happy about the fact that she chooses not to talk about it. It’s a value that she treasures”.

12) The quintessential Indian Beauty - Doe eyed actress with arched eyebrows, chiselled nose, pout friendly mouth and ethereal sexiness make up for a quintessential Indian beauty. She is effortlessly elegant, calm and composed. Her sweet smile and innocent face is as pure as her name.

Today Asin is a universal name. She is talented and has made her roles like Kalpana, Radha, Shruti, Indu, Vasantha, Meera and Maya memorable. We are proud of Asin and every other actress who has made it big in this male dominated industy. We congratulate her for completing 12 years in cinema and hope to see her doing more performance oriented roles. May God bless her.
Sajith Karanavar

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