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Sridevi offended by leading director's 'vulgar' new film

Sridevi offended by leading director's 'vulgar' movie

Oct 14, 2014

Seems it is time for leading actors to copyright their name and personality traits. Legendary actress Sridevi recently was pulled in for a controversy with regard to her name being used as the title of Ram Gopal Varma's (RGV) next Telugu film which was initially titled 'Savitri'. RGV already attracted many eyes for his rather controversial posters which instigated rage from the public, as the content can't be viewed by all the age groups and the State Child Rights Protection Commission termed the movie 'Vulgar'.

As he wasn't allowed to use the name 'Savitri', after consulting his team he released a poster with 'Sridevi' as the new title on October 5th. Interestingly during many of his public appearances, RGV had mentioned Sridevi to be his 'crush'. 

Sridevi, wife of Boney Kapoor, then sent RGV a legal notice for 'infringing her personality rights'. Responding to the notice, RGV posted in Facebook on October 12th that the movie's name has nothing to do with actress Sridevi or her personality traits. The story revolves around a teenager who is infatuated towards a 25 year old woman. The story was based on his real life instance. The characters in the film neither portray an actress nor a director. Hence, he will not change the title. He also created a contest called 'Who is your Savitri?' on social media, urging people to share their first crush stories.
Is Sridevi going to take copyrights for her name and personality traits? We have to wait for further updates on the same.


Sridevi offended by leading director's 'vulgar' new film

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