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This ‘’rapid fire’’ round is a continuation of Dilani Rabindran’s previous Wednesday Special which was published last week


Dilani recently chatted with Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru star Vidyu Raman about everything from her mega co-stars to her ultimate passions outside performing. In the spirit of her improv-background Vidyu was kind enough to engage Dilani in a round of ‘rapid fire’ questioning! Here are the results of their fun back & forth, along with a few additional excerpts from the interview.

1. Your full name is Vidyullekha – do you prefer that or Vidyu?

“I actually prefer my full name, because I always liked it growing up…”

2. Who’s an artist you look up to/idolize?

“Manorama…she was only sticking to female comedian [roles] for a long time, but she has also done some extremely heart-wrenching roles and some extremely powerful character roles”

3. Your dad has done serials…is that something you see yourself doing?

“Not at the moment”

4. Closest star friend in the industry?

“It would definitely have to be a tie between Santhanam and Samantha, because I share a very close tie with both of them”

5. What was meeting Ajith like?

“He sat & actually spoke to me for 45 minutes!...I can’t believe someone like Ajith sir, who is almost a God here, would come up to someone like me who’s new in the industry and be so courteous. He was like ‘Are you okay? Is everything good? Would you like something to eat, or drink?’ He was so, so polite, as though my comfort was riding on his shoulders. That was just something I could not get over. Such a humble, lovely human being.”

6. Describe these stars in a few quick words (as fast as possible!):

a. Jeeva  - “super cute”
b. Santhanam -  “laugh riot”
c. Samantha – “sweetheart”
d. Ajith – “humility personified”    
e. Siddharth – “very helpful”
f. Hansika – “really pretty”
g. Gautham Vasudev Menon – “calm & composed”
h. Sundar C.  – “lightning speed”

7. Current hero/heroine you’d most like to work with?

“I have no pick. I’m totally game to work with debutants to experienced people, I have no favorite or dream hero or heroines I’d like to work with as of now. I’m game for anything because Tamil cinema is definitely changing so much, in such a way that it’s the small-budget, new types of films like Pizza and NKPK that are topping the charts, so I’m totally ready for big budget films as well as moderate ones, because in the end it’s about the character and it’s about the script”

8. Director you’d most like to work with?

“I’d like to work with every director, and I’m already lucky to have worked with such big directors, but one day I’d also like to work with Mani sir & KV Anand Sir.”

9. Actor you most admired when growing up?

“Al Pacino. I really loved his performance in Scent of a Woman. I also look to Rajini sir, both as the characters he played as well as him as a person; because he’s been a superstar for as long as I can remember.”

10. Actress you most admired when growing up?

“Natalie Portman, because the kind of dedication she put into developing her character in Black Swan is stupendous. If every actor had that kind of dedication…it would be amazing.”

11. Favorite Tamil movie of last year?

“I loved Pizza & I loved Thuppakki too!”

12. Favorite Tamil music album of last year?

“Ethir Neechal & Neethaane En Ponvasantham, if I do say so myself!”

13. Favorite English movie of all time?

“Oh no that’s too hard! I can’t answer that cause I’m a total movie buff! But a film I keep seeing & I really loved is ‘Inception’, that’s one film that blows my mind everytime I see it; and of course the ‘Godfather’ series. In Thamizh I love ‘Michael Madhana Kama Rajan’…that movie is what every comedian should aspire to achieve – that kind of finesse in comedy.”

14. Country/city you’d like to travel to most?

“New York”

15. Favorite food?

“I’m a total foodie, I love anything & everything. I love Thai, Italian, and South Indian too…and I love fast food too, and I’m not ashamed to admit I love fast food … really anything that can reach my mouth within 10 minutes of placing the order”

16. What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any!)?

“I definitely do! I love to bake…cakes, cheesecakes, a lot of cakes!...I even take lots of orders from my friends for things”

17. Since you’re such a foodie, do you ever see yourself opening a celebrity bakery or restaurant one day?

“Yep that’s the dream! I love to constantly improve my culinary abilities. I watch MasterChef all the time… & I watch a lot of travel & living shows. Because the 2 things I love the most are travel and food – those are my second loves to show…. Acting, Travelling & Food is the order!”

18. If you weren’t an actress what would you be doing instead?

“It would be opening a patisserie or a bakery, I really see myself as an owner of a modern new age bakery in Chennai!”

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