Endrendrum Punnagai - Does bring a Smile

Endrendrum Punnagai - Does bring a Smile

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As the title promised movie makes you smile all the way or at least the first half. It's all about friendship, love, ego in relationship with good visuals and some good songs.

Jeeva, Santhanam and Vinay are childhood friends. Jeeva's mother elopes with someone when he was 10, so he doesn't trust girls and hates love. He made his friends also to promise not to get married ever in their life. They together have an advertising agency. He is also not talking to his father for 15 years. Then comes Trisha to work with them in a project. Vinay and Santhanam get married and Jeeva's ego doesn't allow him to talk with his friends. He was left alone and what happens next is the story, did he fall in love, did he talk talk to his father, did he change his egoistic character.

Santhanam at his best after TVSK this year. He was absolutely hilarious. Finally, a decent movie for Vinay. It's refreshing  to see Jeeva in a feel good movie. He is brilliant as egoistic Gowtham and finally I hope this will be his much needed hit movie. Trisha, looking little old, but she was good as Priya. Just a cameo for Andrea and she does it well. Most of all you have veteran Nasser as Jeeva's father who pulls yet another character with ease.

Cinematography is the highlight of this movie, every visual is so colourful. Good job by Madhe. Harris is as usual, using his hit tunes back to form after excellent Irandam Ulagam, except Vaan Engum and Kadal Naan Thaan. Other songs slows the movie, at least two songs could have been avoided.

The first half was totally enjoyable with Santhanam's trademark one liners which sets the theatre on fire. The second half was little slow with some romance and senti scenes. Comedy scenes were less and the songs didn't help either. So if the second half could have been trimmed a little movie would have been even much better. And, once again we have an US based Software Engineer, you can guess what could be his character, why do we have the same character in most of the romantic movies? Directors think different and avoid this character.

Endrendrum Punnagai marks the return of Jeeva, Santhanam and Vinay. A good outing for them at the year end. Also, Ahmed's comeback after his Vamanan which got mixed reviews. It's an all is well that ends well kind of a movie which will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

Karthic S

Chandhu Sivaswamy

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