Endrendrum Punnagai review

Endrendrum Punnagai review

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The director of Vamanan I.Ahmed is back with an urban flick which is a popular trend in the north. Endrendrum Punnagai is a story revolving among three friends, a promise, a woman, and mainly on father-son relationship. The screenplay is etched neatly without any boring or dragging events.
The film gives a strong comeback for Jiiva, Santhanam, and Vinay. The friendship portrayed through the characters is the highlight of the film. Trisha neatly scores her character; Andrea adds the spice to the film even though having a limited screen space. Nasser emotions are effortlessly carried on screen, which is a treat to watch.
Though the friendship takes a backseat post interval the love portion neatly carries the film forward. Harris jeyaraj’s music could have been better except for vaan enum and othailla other songs fail to impress, the background score is excellent. Madhi’s camerawork brings in variety of colours. Art direction is needs a special mention, sets erected are outstanding especially the tilt scene is worth it. 
Endrendrum Punnagai is worth your time with great performances, vibrant colours and neat screenplay.
rishi selvam

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