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Interview Team : Jeevakaran; Balasaravanan; Hemananth; Abishek Raaja

Seasoned actor Arun Vijay is all pumped up about Yennai Arindhaal and lets the cat out of the bag. Here he talks about the days on the sets of YA, the Ajith you still don't know, what is Yennai Arindhaal and much more to raise our eyebrows beyond the horizons.


It's been a waiting game all your life. What did you want to do specifically? Tell us about the travel from Murai Mappillai to Yennai Arindhaal? 

It has been a learning process basically. Quite a travel I should say. I had to wait, wait and wait. I started right after school and maybe it was too early for me to realize where I actually belonged then. I haven't done too many films also. People who started along with me have done more than 50 films now. Some of my calculations went perennially wrong and I don't regret that. I didn't overexpose myself also. I didn't want to do films just for the sake of it. Failures welcomed me and I wasn't sure what would suit me or what I actually had to do. I was constantly on a search for the best. Every film was a learning and I matured as an actor, studied the industry, understood the people on and off the screens. When I look back, I'm surprised how patient I've been. But everything has been paid off with Yennai Arindhaal. Films like Iyarkai, Malai Malai and Thadayara Thaaka helped me rediscover myself as an actor and a film personality. Best part, any time of my life, I never let go of my confidence. I have the same excitement that I had in my first film. I am marching towards something and I will work for it. Whatever it takes, I'm ready to endure and encounter.     

I had to wait, wait and wait. 

What's up with the transformation? 

I always want to be fit. Thanks to the time and space God gave, I had the luxury of introspecting and thinking about myself. I had my bad days and I had nothing to do but just sit idle and work on what could make my life better. What is going wrong? What it takes to realize the dream?
If I lose a day at gym, I feel amputated and annoyed. More than just toning the body and looking fit, I started transforming my body based on the characters I showcased. When Malai Malai happened, I had to get that shape and look athletic. Thadayara Thaaka demanded the physique again and it continues now. I am least bothered about the pain and struggle I have to go through. Now, I'm a happy, contented man.
My workout hours are the late-night sessions. My personal trainer Shivakumar and I start by midnight and go on till 2 am. I would be so drowsy and tired, but we would listen to loud music that cranks the nerves. Waiting for it to pay off.

If I lose a day at gym, I feel amputated and annoyed.


Before we jump into the Yennai Arindhaal wave, when will 'Vaaa Deal' make it to the theaters?  

My father-in-law is the producer of the film, so we had the liberty to hold it for a while. Only the final mix remains. Yennai Arindhaal came to me almost 11 months before. So we thought, after this Ajith extravaganza releases, Deal would get a better deal at the box-office. 

Only the final mix remains

What are you in Yennai Arindhaal? 

I play Victor. As an actor, it was challenging to reprise the role and justify the character description Gautham created. With somebody like Ajith, the showstealer, standing next to you all the time, you just have to be perfect to be noticed at the least. Sometimes, you get lucky to bump into roles like this. Ajith sir never saw this as an Ajith film. He honestly felt, my role needs the weightage and the prominence. If not for Ajith, I wouldn't have even made it to the posters. Gautham doesn't make multi-starrers; he makes a film with lot of prominent characters.

 Ajith sir never saw this as an Ajith film. 


What have gone into your looks for Yennai Arindhaal? 

The minute he narrated the script to me, I got a little restless and cautious. He gave me the freedom to put my personal input for the looks I had to carry. Since characters go through a travel, the changes had to be realistic and believable. In due course of the making, I constantly gave different makeovers and photos to Gautham sir. We jointly worked for it and got the final output. There are very interesting surprises in the film and we don't want to let them out now. Be it the hairstyle, my costumes, the body language and even the accessories, a lot has gone into the making of my looks. My character demands all of it and we've not exaggerated even a bit. In Ajith's case, he almost has 4 different looks in the film. Special efforts have gone into our looks and please wait for it. 

Ajith has 4 different looks 


Who is Gautham Menon? 

He is a mass-class, sophisticated, task-master. He can effortlessly extract the best from you. When some directors prefer sitting near the monitor, Gautham would stand next to you and brief you the literal emotion that has to be enacted. He develops this personal connect with you and makes you feel so comfortable. He knows what he wants and he is very particular about the kind of film he's making. I have found a new me after working with Gautham. He has got so much in him and it will be seen in his coming films. Like his films, he is also a very realistic and logical guy. He is a gift to Tamil cinema. Yennai Arindhaal will be a different experience and his storytelling has an innocent, but rich touch. He never sits on the sets. We might sometime wonder why he is spending so much time with the detailing, but when you see it on screen, you’ll be spellbound. More than anything else, the freedom he gives you to consume the role and enjoy every bit of it, is what it takes to be a Gautham.

He is a gift to Tamil cinema. 


The noble soul behind Ajith, we know it all. From close quarters, what more you can tell us? 

He can't fake it. He is true to himself. The way he treats and respects people for what they are, is inspiring. He knows what he's doing and he knows what he has to do. He's come up the hard way. He knows my path too. He is a brother to me on and off the sets. What he's gone through has made him what he is today. You can't have a better co-artist. It would be like seeking promotion when I talk all this now, but I am eagerly waiting to share a lot about Ajith after the release. 

 He is true to himself.


What is Yennai Arindhaal? Please tell us. 

Come with an open mind. It will be an experience to you. We can't ask you to not have expectations, but come as a blank slate and get ready to be filled with Yennai Arindhaal. There are a lot of emotions we've explored in the film. Yennai Arindhaal is a pick of Sathyadev's life. Lot of Ajith’s real self has gone into the characterization of Sathyadev. In simple words, Ajith is Sathyadev. Like the real Ajith you love and adore, Sathyadev is also genuine and frank. Gautham has used a lot of Ajith elements for Sathyadev. It is going to touch a lot of people. Fans and film buffs are going to rave about it. Yennai Arindhaal has got everything to be a complete film. Gautham has narrated a story that needs to be told and hasn't strayed away from the primary intentions. Please don't see it as an Ajith Film; it has a never seen before Ajith, who’s going to be loved all over again by everyone. There is romance, action, twists, suspense, drama, emotions and the signature Ajith elements. All I can say is that you'll love it. 

Please don't see it as an Ajith Film


How has the action come by in YA? 

Action lovers would patronize the film. The film has been treated in a manner that the fight portions add the gutsy, rugged look to the narration. Special priority has been given to the action sequences. With Ajith in it, get ready for some high voltage moments. Nothing will be larger than life and overtly fake. Some subtleties are punched sensibly to have a bigger impact. YA is also an action film. 

Get ready for some high voltage moments.


What is YA to Ajith fans? 

As much as you all love Ajith, you will love Sathyadev also. Me, as an Ajith fan, have my set of expectations. There are a lot of special factors that's going to make Ajith fans crazy. It will meet and outgrow your expectations. YA will be an Ajith fan's all time favorite.  

YA will be an Ajith fan's all time favorite.  

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