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Behindwoods Half Yearly box office report for 2017

Half the year has flown by already and it is time for us to present the half yearly report of 2017 for Kollywood. The going has been pretty decent for Tamil cinema with some films coming up with good content. Of course the show stealer undoubtedly would be Baahubali 2 whose success story you see once in a blue moon which gave a reason to the entire Indian film industry to puff out their chests with pride. But if you remove Baahubali 2 from the equation, how has this year been for the industry? Maybe not so great.

We had around 90 new Tamil releases till July which looks like an ideal number but the real concern is ⅔ of these films were removed from screens even before making a trace. Even with good content, some of the films weren’t able to click with the masses. Did big release sharks eat into the revenue of small fishes or external factors like piracy, domination of ever growing Television soap operas, IPL and Champions Trophy are to be blamed?

Among the films released thus far, quite a few did good business. There were quite a few which captured the imagination of the public. We shall quickly go through the list as on 30th June:

The ‘Sole’ Blockbuster

Baahubali 2 - A lot has been spoken about this historical fantasy flick and probably it would be talked about for a very long time to come. It holds all possible records becoming the most grossing film in Tamil Nadu breaking the 7 year old record of Enthiran. Unfortunately, it is the only Blockbuster film of the year thus far. But with some biggies awaiting, can we have few films adding up to this list?

The ‘HIT’ list

Though quite a number of films came close to becoming a hit, only 2 of them finally made the cut according to analysis report. That would be Maanagaram and Kavan.

Above average league

Pa Paandi
Kuttram 23
Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae
Maragatha Naanayam



When it comes to Average and Above Average films, some of them could have performed really well at some centers and might have been profitable too. But the cost at which they were sold and overall acceptance, they have been placed at Average and Above Average league.

Critically acclaimed, commercially not so!

As mentioned earlier, there are a few small budget movies with good content but due to various reasons they weren’t able to perform to their fullest potential. Kaadhal Kan Kattudhe, Nishabdam, Kadugu, 8 Thottakkal, Lens, Brindavanam, Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu and Peechaankai were all given thumbs up from the critics but not celebrated at the box office.

Now let’s spice it up with what the theatre owners feel about the 1st half of 2017. We got in touch with 4 exhibitors who cater to different set of audiences and inquired them about the movies that gave them the most collections, the ones that were most profitable, films that were not up to the mark and few other questions.

“2017 was comparatively more profitable for us”

Ruban Mathivanan, proprietor of GK Cinemas, Chennai

1. Most collecting - “Baahubali 2, Bairavaa”
2. Profit wise - “Maanagaram, Kavan, Pa Paandi”
3. Films that could have performed better but did not due to release issue - “Si3”
4. 2016 or 1st half of 2017 - “For us 2017 was comparatively better as we had some renovation works being done last year.”
5. Thoughts about 2nd half - “Very excited about the line up. Some really big releases gunned up like Vivegam, Mersal, VIP2 and Velaikkaran. So we are feeling positive.”

“No hits before Baahubali 2, no hits after Baahubali 2”

Rakesh Gowthaman, proprietor of Vetri Cinemas, Chennai

1. Most collecting - “Baahubali 2, Bairavaa, Kavan, Si3”
2. Profit wise - “Baahubali 2”
3. Films that could have performed better but did not due to release issue - “Si3 and few other postponed films”
4. 2016 or 1st half or 2017 - “No hits before Baahubali 2 and no hits after Baahubali 2. One of the worst Junes. Usually June used to be good for trade. This is not a great year at all”
5. Thoughts about 2nd half - “Expectations are low because of the GST. There is still so much of uncertainty prevailing but it is certain that if ticket prices go up, we will experience a dip. Vivegam, Mersal, VIP2, Velaikkaran are the only films that can earn well. Only if these movies have good content you can earn despite all this GST. Fingers Crossed.”

“One big release awaits every month, but GST and Municipal tax issue have left us in a state of bother”

Raghul, proprietor of Gopi Krishna, Theni

1. Most collecting - “Bairavaa, Si3”
2. Profit wise - “Kavan, Kuttram 23, Sivalingaa”
3. Films that could have performed better but did not due to release issue - “Si3 would have performed better had it released during half yearly leave last year as planned before”
4. 2016 or 1st half or 2017 - “Not a great year. In fact the trade is dull since Diwali 2016. Bairavaa was a break-even venture for us and Baahubali was the lone survivor but unfortunately we could not screen it due to personal reasons.”
5. Thoughts about 2nd half - “One big release awaits every month which is exciting but GST and Municipal tax issue has left us in a state of bother”

“Bairavaa is this year’s 2nd best”

Nikilesh, Rohini cinemas, Chennai

1. Most collecting - “Undoubtedly Baahubali2 with collections being all time highest. Almost three times that of 2nd best Bairavaa. 3rd Si 3, 4th Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva and 5th Kavan and Shivalinga”
2. Profit wise - “Baahubali 2, Maanagaram, Kuttram 23, Maragatha Nanayam”
3. Films that could have performed better but did not due to release issue - “Si3”
4. 2016 or 1st half or 2017 - “1st half was much better than last year only because of Baahubali 2. Otherwise no other film had a golden run. A few managed decent hits and small films did better than their potential.”
5. Thoughts about 2nd half - “All set for a blockbuster 2nd half with movies of all top stars set to release. Vivegam, Mersal, Velaikkaran, VIP2, TSK, Sketch and Vikram Vedha are some of the most expected of the lot”

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