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Shruti Haasan's trollers - please read this.

Ever since Shruti Haasan had signed up for Malar teacher’s role in the Telugu remake of Premam, we have come across various premature troll memes criticizing the actress’ presence in the project even without watching her performance. Now, after the release of ‘Evare’ song teaser, fans of Premam’s original version have gotten even more critical about the film’s treatment.

So much of creative intelligence has gone into making these photo and video troll memes critiquing the leads of this remake. Although memes are generally meant to be funny and creative, there should be a professional line drawn. A recent meme on Shruthi, based on a popular dialogue that Rajini delivered in Kabali just went beyond acceptable limits. Memes such as this gags one’s creativity and passes judgment before even a product comes for complete presentation, due to false pre-conceived notion.

After all, film maker is a human being too, like all of us they too have bad days.

Most trollers have no respect to film makers. They do not mind offending anyone. Many superstars and veterans have been a victim of trolls. The list includes many successful actors, directors and other technicians. Most of them would have worked tirelessly hard to satisfy the fans and might have even given many successful works in the past. Film-making is an unpredictable art and not one creator could unanimously satisfy every single consumer. Larger number of unsatisfied consumers could lead to a widespread hate wave. A meme has the power to push even a fan into a negative frame of thought; you might watch a film and enjoy it but a single meme could change your entire thought process towards a creation.

There are a few memes that are made for good reasons but the reach for such posts are comparatively less and are time bound. It works only when someone like PV Sindhu wins a silver medal for the country where all of us find a reason to wake up to our buried patriotism. But in most cases, memes are used for trolling. Negative thoughts will always find a huge set of consumers especially when they are laced with some humor quotient.

Every fan needs to be socially responsible and must not encourage memes that are done in bad taste. The more such insensitive personal attacking memes are shared and liked on social media, more ruthless will these trollers become.

Coming back to Premam (Telugu), agreed a film star is a public celebrity and he or she is bound to receive criticism of his/her work but at least let them showcase what they have in their plate. Yes it is a cult Malayalam film and replicating the film is going to be near impossible task. It could be a bad idea to remake a film like Premam, so be it. Everyone is entitled to skip the film if you feel it is not correct to remake it. Don’t watch it. Instead, why spread negativity?

Director Chandoo Mondeti’s debut film Karthikeya was a nail-biting thriller and was a big success at the box office. Who knows what surprise he has for us with this remake? Meme creators outnumber filmmakers and they do have impeccable talent; let’s give that to them. But is it fair to search for publicity through meaningless trolls which could directly impact the career of a promising director?

Let’s wait for the film to release and then feel free to have your opinion for after all this is a free country!

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