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Why are Vijay and Ajith fans obsessed with the YouTube numbers game?

Making giant size cutouts, milk abhishekam, dressing up like their favorite star, doing some crazy meaningless motorcycle stunts in the road, praising their star and cursing the rival star, bursting crackers in the road and disrupting the general public. There are days when I have seen illegal crackers like ‘Vengaya Vedi’ being used in Madurai that too inside the theatre halls. These are some of the ways a crazy fan celebrate the release of his favorite star. There have been ground level fights between fans which have gone murkier resulting in deaths too.

Of late, we don’t see such degree of unprofessional fights in street but we see the same online. Yes, words are indeed sharper than a sword. Today the comments that each and every fan types through his social forum is directly proportional to a film’s box office outcome. In the current times, it is known to all those who follow movies that there is a huge fan base for Ajith and Vijay and it is also known that many of the fans are fanatic about their heroes.

Online fans are as much a bane as a boon. They make an actor trend which is good and it indirectly helps the promotion of a film. But on the flip side, every star has considerable number of haters too who are waiting to slaughter their image in pieces.

A fan goes to any extent to prove his love for his star. We have seen instances where people die falling from cutouts of their star on the course of milk abhishekam, times when people commit suicide for not able to see the first day first show of their favorite star. You can be a fan or even a mad fanatic but to lose your life for that is pure madness.

Today, with technological advancements, the fans have upgraded their needs too. Not just showing mass in theatre is enough for them, they also want to rule the social forums with memes. They use memes mostly to curse the rival star than to publicize their favorite star.

Another worthless fight is to prove which star has better number of views with the teaser and trailer of their latest films. A fan creates numerous fake accounts, comes up with a plan to increase the likes of a video that belongs to his star and also plans to comment ill and increase dislikes on videos of the rival star.

Does gaining more YouTube views for a trailer prove one star better than another? Or does a video having most dislikes show that the star is the most hated celebrity in the world? I definitely don’t think so. Why do I find so much of negativity when I open a teaser or a trailer of a reputed star? Why all the curse and profane usage? People only demean themselves by doing such worthless activities. Why the obsession over these numbers which actually means nothing. Let us all encourage all the star’s projects with constructive criticism and not disrespectful comments.

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