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Why Atlee's Raja Rani is so close to heart

Raja Rani, the romantic entertainer which ruled the hearts of Romeos and Juliets during late 2013s was re-released at Jazz Cinemas, Chennai marking Valentine's Season. Post the positive reception during the release, there were a few negative talks circulating around the movie that it had the same plot of yesteryear classic - Mouna Raagam. To be frank being an avid watcher of movies I haven't come across the Mani Ratnam's classic yet. It's not just that I purposely avoided watching it but the movie which had chartbuster Mandram Vantha Thendraluku never gave me any motivation to watch it. (90's kids hardly knew the magical power of Mani Ratnam).


At Jazz Cinemas, these Valentine's Day campaign had two other movies - 1. Alphonse Putharen's Premam and 2. Gautham Menon's Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya.


Why Raja Rani?


I hold two reasons for watching the Atlee directed Rom - Com.

1. I love the frames shot by George and super fast cuts by Ruben in the movie. Especially a frame post the marriage where Nayanthara throws up the flower bouquet and there comes "Written and Directed by Atlee" that's easily one of my favorite frames after Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu.

2. Only Raja Rani had a night show at the multiplex where other two were held a matinee. Obviously, if I was at college I'd have bunked classes and revisited those as well.


My Moments (During my first watch on 30 September 2013)


The movie released when I was doing my second year engineering degree and to be very honest I didn't watch it on the First Weekend as I had a thought struck in my mind "This is going to be just another love movie and there's going to be nothing new". After super - positive response from my friends, I decided to catch up the movie and it gave me one good experience that made me watch even last night. (Yes, I am one amongst the thousands who shed tears for Keerthana's accident)

Moments re-created(yesterday 13.02.17)

I have hardly revisited it at my "VLC Movie hall" and I had quite a lot of moments recreated.

1. The major reason for the movie to keep us engaged is the power of hidden characters in the script. Be it John's parents who influence his marriage or Regina's mom who motivated James to keep her daughter happy even after her death or Keerthana's parents who make Keerthana connect emotionally well enough with John.

2. Santhanam who is performing now as a male lead in the movies gave me an absolute stunner and recollect that who he was. His character Sarathy was one of the most challenging ones that it demanded both emotional and humorous elements. Not to forget Naan Kadavul Rajendran's one liners which are even now trending in our routine life.

3. Not only Santhanam, it is G.V.Prakash also who made me recollect who he was during those times. He was the backbone of the movie. He delivers enough number of scores very apt to the scene throughout the film.

Against all of these, it is Keerthana's nature which made me feel the movie is still fresh. Her character sketching was so unique that it attracted many as it was very closely connected what girls try to do with their boyfriends.


"Namakku Pidichavanga Namala Vittu Poita, Namalum Poganumnu Avasiyam Illa. Ennaikavathu oru Naal Nama Aasapatta mathiri Nama life maarum"


All the 6 main leads say the same without a change in their delivery style and the best thing is despite repetition it never bores us. The producer of the movie A.R.Murugadoss said once "I was confused at first that how a bachelor (Atlee) could handle dialogues of script holding emotions between a married couple but Atlee nailed it." Atlee didn't nail the emotions alone he made us awestruck through various things like girls calling each other Machi (which girls do in college). Those were realistic and that helped us connect with the script emotionally.

Atlee - George - Ruben

A movie isn't made without the sync in the thought process of team members. George captured what Atlee scripted where Ruben scissored out what was unnecessary. In fact, Ruben was the one who suggested not to shoot Angyade song and waste money that having that in the movie would be a speed breaker. (Similar things happened with Raangu song in Theri).


I would love to see them reunite again. They delivered their best yet again in Theri and also I wish they deliver it even stronger in future.


Even Atlee can't re-create Raja Rani again


I'm 200% sure that Atlee would also accept the fact that he could not re-create Raja Rani again in any other language. The movie is safe until it's remade (Eg. Ok Jaanu).


In fact, the movie would have stayed fresh for many people if they haven't telecasted these many numbers of times in TV Channels.(Thanks to my habit, I don't watch TVs)

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