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Anirudh's Birthday Special Column

Anirudh Ravichander, a musical sensation who millions of youngsters celebrate. He isn't just a music director for any hardcore fanboy like me. He made me love music and he entertained me with his music. I am a huge fan of A.R.Rahman sir since my childhood. Being from the 90's generation I hardly got exposed to Raja Sir's music and Rahman sir used to give us 3-4 albums on average in a year. With this scenario, any music lover would opt for alternates in English music albums, but they didn't work for me due to the music style and the unparliamentary lyrics. After my teenage, there came my musical hero in 2012 with his debut "3". I'm not sure whether I have all the works of our Oscar winner , but I do have all the works of Anirudh from 3 to REMO (last tracklist) which released last night. Indeed if you are not yet aware of my fanaticism with all the above I am waiting for the single track of "Veshangalil Poiyillai".


Anirudh taught me how to love through "3". I would call his debut album"3" is still his best. He had one of the dream debuts that any technician wants to. Post few excitements in life it is the food of Madurai and music of Anirudh which excited me till date. I don't just love him but, I celebrate his music every day and night.


I tweeted a post last night "Happy Birthday Anirudh. Keep Rocking Rockstar. Love you a lot and owe you a lot." Yes, I love him a lot and I owe him a lot for keeping me positive and carrying me forward through whenever I am depressed. We all know that you are restricting yourself into two or three albums a year, but that is okay. We are not fanboys of any other music director to choose over quantity than quality. The only request from our side is please do not do concerts in Chennai alone. We want you to perform concerts in cities like Coimbatore and Madurai too. 


Happy Birthday, Ultimate Rockstar. I would proudly call this column a second and shorter version of "Keep Rocking Rockstar"

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