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Kaththi is the fourth film to gross 100 Crores

Kaththi - to millions of Vijay fans, the movie is a blockbuster but to a regular movie buff like me the movie was the evolution of "Actor" Vijay after a short gap. I can't say which statement would be right to justify.


1. Vijay is comfortable doing the usual commercial scripts.

2. Vijay fans expect Vijay to do commercial movies only.


But to break all the cliches, A.R.Murugadoss mixed elements of Vijay and social elements which a script like Kaththi demanded in the right composition at right levels. I remember reading a review, "Kaththi can be classified into two, 1. Vijay's elements which are like sweet honey and 2. ARM's script which is like a malodorous medicine. Having them together gives a right treatment for the disease."


There were few critics asking ARM, "What is the need of a heroine ?" in a script like Kaththi. The director’s opinion was "Without a female lead in Kaththi, the movie would for sure look dry and there would be questions the other way around"


Jeevanandham was a character which was underplayed by Vijay. The director even in an interview said he was hesitant to ask Vijay sir to wear a brief alone in the police station scene. But Vijay sir was open to, what the character and the script demanded. He also explained the reasons for the on-screen character names, Jeevanandham was named after the popular communist leader and Kathiresan is "Kathiruku Arasan" where Kathir means "Ner Kathir".


Another example of ARM - Vijay combo success was the mass dialogues like "Enakku Solrathu Vida, Seiyurathu Thaaan Pidikum" and a classic dialogue briefing communism in one line.


It would be odd to miss out Anirudh and George’s work when we speak about Kaththi. Both the youngsters played vital roles for the success. Anirudh not only gave chartbuster songs but also delivered a T(H)ERRIFIC background scores. George's lens work blending the right colours was visually awesome.


Stunts of Anal Arasu and art direction of National Awardee Ilayaraja were other factors to this strong script. Anal Arasu's coin fight would have tempted every Vijay fan to scream at the theatres.


"Any product is judged only upon its final result" says a Korean Proverb. I'd say it 100% right even if it's not a proverb. Editors are the one who make the product rightly delivered and Sreekar Prasad’s masterwork added the much needed shine. Removing Paalam song from the movie helped the movie’s engagement.


Vijay joining ARM after their blockbuster Thuppaki added huge expectations to their next. Kaththi’s strong message oriented script demanded the mass image of a big star off screen as well, else this movie would’ve ended up preachy or an average fair. Vijay showed the contrast between the dual roles from acting to dubbing smartly. Even a Vijay hater would appreciate the scenes of Jeevanandham, especially when he cries “Namma sothula mann vilunthuduchu ma”. Not all artists can perform in a movie like Kaththi. MGR, Rajinikanth of the past generation did have this. Post them, in the current generation, Vijay and Surya have chose scripts with social awareness that has worked among the common man.


There are haters for Vijay, but even they acknowledged and appreciated the transition showed by Vijay. AR Murugadoss not only continues to do the process of taking Tamil cinema to next level in the Box-Office but also strikes the audience with his social thoughts. Kaththi is reported to be the fourth official Tamil film to do 100 crores at the box office and first Tamil film to do it without a dubbed version.


It’s been 2 years, but the Kaththi effect on every Vijay fans is still razor sharp and wait for the combo to strike again.

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