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Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada and what to expect from it

With AYM releasing this Friday, 11th November, we have a column that explains what to expect from it. The column is a small conversation between a girl and her boyfriend about GVM's AYM and whether they decide to watch it . It also explores the details of the film from a common man's point of view :


Gf: Hey! Any movies this Friday? Been long since we went for one no?
Bf: Yes! i was thinking, AYM?

Gf: But why? Isn't it just going to be like VTV?
Bf: Not one bit. What's the bet it's going to be different?

Gf : AR Rahman's music ,GVM's direction and a breezy tale. What's different?
Bf : Simbu is different. And a lot more too!

Gf: Lol! What do u mean?:P
Bf: The Simbu we saw in 2010 is not the Simbu we see now. From a clean shaven chocolate boy to a rugged beard, I can see a completely different Simbu. He has not had many releases in the past few years . He seems to have emoted right from the heart. It looks like it could be his major breakthrough performance. He has lived the life of the film from what I have seen.

Gf: Ok? But Isn't this also a love story, like VTV?
Bf: VTV had very minimal action scenes. The breezy yet racy trailer of AYM suggests  that there is more action from GVM this time around. It seems to offer the thrills and chills. Breezy yet racy.

Gf: I liked the trailer yes, and what about AR Rahman's songs?
Bf: Showkali talks about a guy's craze for bikes! This is different unlike VTV again, which had more of the love numbers. This one seems like a travel based love story with a thrilling backdrop! And of course, AR Rahman makes magic happen on screen, especially when it's a GVM film. Raasali is my pick!

Gf:  And what about the new girl Manjima? You like her or Trisha better?
Bf: Manjima sure is pretty, but I like just any woman that GVM portrays. They have such a strong characterization. So I'll answer your question with Jessie :P Or Meghna or Hemanika! eerr I'm confused! Let's wait for Manjima's character :P and see what flavour she adds as a debutante to GVM's AYM.


Gf: But it's only her first Tamil film! What's with the craze?
Bf: Exactly! It's only her first and she is already a favorite! The visuals, her expressions and the fact that she is the one GVM has chosen to cast, has created a curiosity. She seems to have lived up to those with her performance too I feel! Also credits to Thalli Pogathey for that . It's been months since the song released and it is still topping the charts! Quite a record!

Gf: I'm almost convinced now! but..umm..
Bf: Then what's the wait for? I want to watch AYM with you, also because I feel it will rekindle the memories we share. GVM specializes in this. He is one person who makes unforgettable and realistic love stories which we can relate to!

Gf: I was anyways going to watch this with you :P And..
I decided right when the trailer and album came out :P I was playing around and testing your facts ;) So, Evening show?

Bf: Idiot! Sure thing! This sounds good .(if only i can find a cozy corner) ;)

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