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Interview Team : Kaushik L M; Venkat; Jeevakaran; D Meera Chithirappaavai; Ameenuddin

Here we have a quick chat with the director of Vaalu, Vijay Chandar, a man who has been patiently waiting over the past three years for the release of the film. He seems poised and calm as the wait finally comes to an end.

It must be a big relief for you from all the never-ending posers regarding Vaalu’s release and all the issues. How does it feel ?

I have always remained very relaxed about this issue. I don’t see any difference. But yes, I'm definitely relieved as Vaalu’s release is my entry pass to the next stage of my career.


Stress management during these 3 years …

Whenever I felt frustrated or demotivated, I used to just watch my film once. That was the ultimate energy booster for me. It is a complete family entertainer and will give you the same feeling of watching a Rajini sir film. 


What was your support system during this testing period? 

I have a lot of friends. From my barber to each and everyone around me, all of them supported me financially and morally in every small but significant way possible. By God’s grace I had no big crisis to handle.


How did Simbu handle all these hassles?

It was a mutual affair. He stood by me when I felt low and similarly I stood by him. The producer, Simbu and myself were very confident about the film even when so many people strongly believed that Vaalu would never make it to the finish line. The only reason is, it was Simbu and I who ideated this project. We knew the strength and scope of the content. Initially when I narrated the script to Simbu, within half an hour he was convinced with the concept.


How about the relevance of the script? As it’s releasing after 3 years ...

I have not tried to make an epic. I am here to just make a commercial love story. Love is never outdated, so Vaalu will not face any such difficulties. At points, you may witness few issues with the continuity of the look of each artist. But at the end of the day, all this will be obscured with the presence of entertaining elements.

I have not tried to make an epic.


Tell us about your days before bagging Vaalu

I was a dialogue writer with 'Dhinamdhorum' Nagaraj. In my initial days I had the good fortune of meeting Thaman, who led me to Simbu. Today, sans Thaman and Santhanam, there is no Vaalu. Chakravarthy sir came on board as soon as Simbu gave a thumbs up to the script. When everything that you ever wished for, happens, there is no space for regrets.


Was Simbu your first option for Vaalu? 

Yes! Not all actors can carry themselves in a low-angle shot, mouth a mass dialogue and handle all the heroism. There are only few actors who can do that and I couldn’t think of any other actor beyond Simbu for Vaalu.


Was the ‘Tharumaaru’ song planned as a special item from the beginning or these special elements just fell in place?

This was planned as the introduction song but later we thought it will fit better in the climax. We neither released a teaser nor a still from that song. It has been kept as a surprise element and is going to be a treat for all Simbu fans. He has donned several make-overs in it.


The Ilayathalapathy Vijay project?

I have met Vijay sir thrice. I have written a script imagining him in the lead. So, my next move should hopefully be the Vijay sir project.


Closing note…

I thank all STR fans for their unflinching support. My family, friends and well-wishers were a great source of motivation at all the low and high points over these 3 years. This film was purchased by distributors only after they viewed the entire film from the first reel to the end. That is the level of confidence we hold towards the content we have generated.
Vaalu is running in theaters since August 14th and is off to a good start at the box-office.  We wish Vijay Chandar all the very best in all his future endeavours ...





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