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Interview Team : Tamil Dharani

Sub- Editor Tamil Dharani catches up with Robo Shankar post Maari.


Balaji Mohan

Post Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara, Balaji Mohan offered me a big role in Vaayai Moodi Pesavum. I am a person who trusts the content and situation more than reading the dialogues and delivering them. After seeing my performance on day one, he asked his assistants to just tell me the content alone, and this gave us the ease to work with each other. We had a great sync from day one which later on grew further. Then my biggest happiness Maari started with Dhanush where I got all the freedom to try out anything new on the spot. We all know who Dhanush is but despite being in such a stardom he let me do anything I wished and I should thank Balaji Mohan for that.

Despite being in such a stardom he let me do anything



As said by Director Bala, Dhanush is definitely a gift to Indian cinema. Off screen Dhanush is lively and fun-loving but he transforms himself as the character in a second when the camera starts rolling. I always wonder how he changes all of a sudden. He is an acting school to be precise. I got the moment to sit next to him in his caravan and taste the food prepared by Aishwarya R Dhanush, I don’t think if anybody would get this opportunity.Each day of Maari with Dhanush will stand with me for years.

Dhanush is definitely a gift to Indian cinema



Maari has changed my life. This movie has given me the perfect break and many people have started recognising my talent after Maari. And I have also got the biggest everlasting friendship from Dhanush. We whatsapp regularly and he blesses me each and every time. I will always be thankful to him throughout my life and I am eagerly waiting for his call for our next work together.

I am eagerly waiting for his call for our next work together.


Gold Chain...

To be frank this is the second gold chain I am receiving from Dhanush sir. Dhanush loves vegetarian food, so on my wedding day I treated him with a vegetarian lunch prepared by my wife and he was so happy that he gifted me with a gold dollar which was a complete surprise for me. The recent one which I received is not a gift, it’s an award I received for Maari within 4 days of its release, from Dhanush.

It’s an award I received for Maari.


Then Sivakarthikeyan and Now Robo Shankar for Dhanush..

See everybody as an individual has a talent. So Dhanush sir will help any talented guy to come up in his life and cinema. So I always want to see myself as a comedian who entertains people to the core. I will definitely want to see people smile and get entertained.


On the spot of Maari

Each and every day it was a laugh riot on the sets. When we go for the take, I used to say something on the spot and Dhanush would laugh immediately and praise and admire me for the spontaneity. Its a big thing, many artists would never allow this kind of freedom but Dhanush stands out in everything.

Many artists would never allow this kind of freedom but Dhanush did



I can definitely say that nobody has done such a character till date and children will enjoy my character. Its a complete family entertainer. People are going to enjoy the movie. I can only tell you this as of now.

Children will enjoy my character.



Vijay sir is entirely different behind the screens, he is very silent and nobody would even know if he is there. First day of my shoot, he did not recognise me but later he noticed and greeted me with a stylish smile. He is such a quiet person but when the shot is ready he delivers with such ease and with a single take.


Pros and Cons of being a comedian

Mainly we need to know the pulse of the audience to pull them to the screen. We should be thoroughly updated about the trending talks of college and school students. Timely update is very important when you need to be a successful comedian. I regularly update myself.

If we aren’t updated nothing can be done because people are clear and clever now, it’s highly difficult to make them laugh. I basically learn and analyse what people want.

 I basically learn and analyse what people want.


Rapid Fire

Vijay - Calm and composed but he is a fire on-screen.


Dhanush - Great humanbeing.


Vijay Sethupathi - A child, there is no replacement for him.


Dulquer Salmaan - Sema Character.


Kajal Agarwal - She is literally a kid.


Award - Applause and appreciation.





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