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By Vinershea | Feb 18, 2020 05:51 PM

Last couple of weeks, there has been intense bombing in the Syrian province of Idlib after a coalition of Russian and pro-government troops faced each other in the last bastion held by rebels.

Syrian dad teaches daughter to laugh every time bomb falls video

Amid the constant fear and bombing, a heartbreaking video from Syria has gone viral and has taken to headlines. In the video, a Syrian father can be seen making his daughter play a 'laughing game; so that she does not get scared of heavy bombing in Idlib. The man in the video is identified as Abdullah and his 4-year-old daughter Selva. They are not just ruling social media but breaking hearts too!

People are sad and shocked to see, the father-daughter laughing hard after a bomb dropped in the surrounding area. According to India Today reports, the father, Abdullah made this game up to distract his daughter from the loud bombing sounds so that she does not get frightened.

The video was shared by Mehmet Algan, who captioned it saying, "A family of friends from Idlib took refuge in the border town of Sarmada. He taught his 4-year-old daughter that the sounds of aircraft and bombs were a game. Whenever there is a sound, the family laughs so that the game doesn't break. Syria was a slow motion defeat of humanity. Huge heart pain."

The video has left social media and netizens heartbroken. Thousands have commented over the video feeling sorry and disturbed for the families there. 

Meanwhile, Abdullah, the father who made up the laughing game told Independent Turkish that "Children were getting though a psychological crisis due to heavy bombing. I looked for ways to make this bombing as a source of happiness. I told them that the bombardment sounds are coming from toy guns. And it is not scary but laughable. She (Selva) is happy and playing." 

Watch the video here:    

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