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School teacher feeds live puppy to turtle as students watch.

A teacher at the Preston Junior High School in Idaho has been accused of animal cruelty after he fed a sick puppy to a turtle to allegedly demonstrate the circle of life while his students watched. A mother of two boys at the school said that the terminally-ill puppy was given to the teacher Robert Crosland by its owner.

While the incident has sparked outrage, some parents have also come in support of Crosland. “I am not upset. I felt like it was the more humane thing for Robert to do than to just leave it (the puppy) to die”, the mother of two boys reportedly told.

However, the incident also led to the death of the turtle. Wildlife authorities, during the investigation, found that the turtle was a non-native species and euthanized it. Crosland will face up to six months in jail and $ 5,000 fine if convicted.

Earlier last month, in Florida, a teacher sparked controversy after allegedly drowning two racoons and a possum as high school students watched. The teacher reportedly said that the racoons killed the chickens kept by his class.



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