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Cop runs down fleeing suspect with car; Fired.

A policeman in east Athens, Georgia, was fired after he ran down a fleeing suspect with his squad car in order to catch him on Friday. The body camera footage from the cop, Taylor Saulters, shows the suspect Timmy Patmon lying on the ground after hit by the car. In the video, people are seen yelling at the cops for running the Patmon down with the car.

In the video, Saulters is seen speeding his car towards the suspect, who is fleeing, with the sirens blaring.  The cop, who was a year out of the police academy, accelerated towards Patmon and ran him down on the wet road. Then, Saulters and another cop in the car stepped out of the vehicle to cuff Patmon, who, however, didn’t cooperate.

People gathered on the scene and started yelling at the cops for running the 24-year-old man down. Another squad car stops by and they move the crowd to the sidewalk. Patmon had a warrant out for him for violating probation on a drug charge last year. After an internal affairs investigation, Saulters was fired in less than a day.



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