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By Vinershea | Jun 18, 2019 01:21 PM

When its someone's birthday, then smashing of cake has become a norm but smashing the cake on a animal is total cruelty.

Man Smashes Cake On \'Pet\' Lion\'s Face, People call it Inhuman; Video V

In a disturbing video, a Kurdish man is seen smashing a birthday cake on his pet lion’s face which has surfaced online. Soon after the incident and video went viral, the man was ridiculed for the cruel act.

According to reports, the man in the video has been identified as Blend Brifkani, who is head of a local NGO called the Kurdish American Cooperation Organisation while, the big cat is named Leo.

As per India Today reports, the video was shared by Rajya Sabha MP, Parimal Nathani and he captioned it saying, "Here is a cruel video of an #animal welfare worker smashing birthday cake into his pet #lion's face. If a so-called 'animal welfare worker' can be so cruel with a pet lion, then God forbid where this world is headed!"  

In the video, a group of men including, Brifkani kneeling next to the pet lion. The men can be heard singing, Happy Birthday to you in Kurdish language, when suddenly, Brifkani smashes the cake into the lion's face and rubs it in while the other men laugh and make videos.

The lion can be seen trying to get away from the men and trying to clean his face with his paws, reports India Today.

The video has garnered 2.91 million views on Twitter till now, and people have opposed and criticised him for his inhuman behaviour.  Even actress Raveena Tandon had a few words to say after watching the incident. Recently, Brifkani has come forward and issued an apology on his official Instagram which is full of pictures of him with his pet lion, Leo.


I have never intentionally intended to abuse Leo, moreover, I would never want to hurt him in any way. The birthday video of me and Leo was pure emotions of overwhelmingness and excitement that I had while celebrating his birthday. He has grown to be my very best friend and I love him beyond words. When I found him in the wilderness, he was alone, small and weak without a mother. If he had gotten into the wrong hands, he wouldn't have made it alive. I provided him a safe home, a good environment, veterinary care and everything needed to sustain the his health until he grew. My plan was never to keep him in captivity, but rather raise him until he was well enough and old enough to be let out into the wild again. I have built my organization on rescuing endangered animals, raising them, providing them with all the care and treatment that they need and then releasing them back into their natural habitat. One of my yearly projects include releasing captivated wild bears into the mountains, where they belong. I admit, it was wrong for throwing a cake in Leo’s face, I have let my emotions of excitement take over and I apologize to those whom I have offended. I’m not an animal abuser, I love animals! I’m constantly working on projects that show how important animals are to me, especially Leo and how much I care for his well-being. I assure you that Leo is safe and will soon return to the wild. Thank you @m.bamerni #cnn #bbc #dailymail #rudaw #lion #animals #animalrights #peta #kurdistan #iraq @dailymail @rudaw @bbc @cnn @babylonfm @peta @rickygervais @lionwhisperersa

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