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By S Vikram | Aug 14, 2019 01:33 PM

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger rolls out new updates every once in a while to optimize the user experience. According to First Post, WhatsApp has introduced the fingerprint lock feature to enable additional security to the user data. Reportedly, the feature will be available on Android beta version 2.19.221.

WhatsApp rolls out fingerprint lock feature for Android-ios

For those who could not avail the fingerprint lock feature, it is recommended to update the WhatsApp to Android beta version 2.19.221. The WABetainfo report says if the feature could not be seen even after updating to the beta version, then the users can back up their chats and data and reinstall the WhatsApp messenger.

If the fingerprint lock did not reflect in spite of going through the above-mentioned methods, then the feature will automatically be notified once your device meets the requirements. To make the feature more user-friendly, it is rolled out with a specified time duration -1 minute and 30 minutes for Android users and an additional 15 minutes for iOS users.

The time duration can be optimized by the user so that he or she doesn’t have to reopen the app every time to reply to messages. The fingerprint lock can be enabled via WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy: here you can find a new option called “Fingerprint lock”.