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By S Vikram | Oct 10, 2019 09:32 AM

In one of the important announcement on October 9, Reliance Jio said that customers will be charged 6 paise per minute for all the voice calls, thus marking an end to lump some offers. The news broke the extended benefits of Jio and some of the customers were quite sceptical over the sudden implementation of charges for voice calls.

Reasons for Reliance Jio to charge 6 paise per second

To clear the air, Reliance Jio has listed down the major reasons to charge the customers for voice calls.

Though Jio to Jio calls is free, calls made to other networks need to be charged from the customers as per TRAI regulations. So far Jio paid the charge for all customers instead of charging from them. But, of late Jio was pushed to a situation to charge 6 paise per second from the customers as per Government regulations.

As per TRAI, the charge was said to be abolished in December 2019. But since it was not in the phase of implementation, Reliance Jio has to spend 200 crores every month.

It is said that the charge is only temporary and as we reported yesterday customers can avail voice calls starting from INR 10 with extra data benefits. Reports say that soon other operators will begin to charge the customers for the same reason.

Earlier TRAI fixed 14 paise per second for calling from one network to a different network. The charge was reduced to 6 paise per second in 2017.

As per reports, the 6 paise per second is said to be in existence until 2020 January. However, TRAI is discussing to renew the process as per the latest reports.

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