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By S Vikram | Oct 09, 2019 07:16 PM

The extravagant benefits of Reliance Jio have been halted by the Ambani groups after the recent announcement of charges for voice calls. According to the latest reports, Jio will charge 6 paise per minute for voice calls made to other mobile operators. The plan is said to be effective from today (October 9).

Reliance Jio to charge 6 Paise Per Minute for Other Networks

Reportedly it is called an Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC). The reports also made it clear that there won't be 6 paise per minute charge on all Jio to Jio calls, all incoming calls, Jio to landline calls and calls made through WhatsApp or FaceTime and other such platforms.

Jio also announced additional data benefits for the top-up voucher amount paid for voice calls. The IUC Top-Up Voucher amount, IUC minutes and Free Data Entitlement are listed below.

INR 10 - 124 Minutes - 1 GB Data

INR 20 - 249 Minutes - 2 GB Data

INR 50 - 656 Minutes - 5 GB Data

INR 100 - 1, 362 Minutes - 10 GB Data

The reports also stated that the 6 Paise per minute plan will exist until TRAI abolishes IUC. As per IUC, an operator is required to pay 6 paise per minute as a mobile call termination charge. Initially, it was said that the proposed IUC will be abolished in January 2020. But TRAI is now in the process of renewing the time period.

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