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By S Vikram | Jan 09, 2020 11:05 AM

As we have seen before the Tik Tok craze has indeed captured the younger generation to the extent where they use the platform above the law. One such incident took place in Thoothukoodi, Tamil Nadu where two boys aged 17 were seen performing Vijay's Vettaikaran dialogue for a Tik Tok video in front of a police van. There was another boy who shot the video. The driver noticed the boys and informed the higher authorities.

TN tik tok teens encouraged by police after tik tok video

It is learnt that the three boys wanted to become police officers in their life career. While two boys were studying Literature and IT, the other boy had dropped out of school after the sixth standard. Instead of taking severe action against the boys, the DSP R Prakash understood their ambition and encouraged them positively. In fact two of the boys were allowed to supervise traffic for a couple of hours.

"Two of the boys were studying Literature and IT while the other had dropped out of school after the sixth standard. When I spoke to them, they expressed their wish to eventually join the police force and I realised, we should be encouraging them. We have a 'Friends of Police' group, which involves students. These boys specifically wanted the traffic beat and so we let them man the roads, supervised, for a couple of hours," said Prakash as quoted by TNM.

"The boy who dropped out cannot qualify but the other two should definitely keep working towards their dreams," says the officer. "They have promised to volunteer during the weekends and holidays. There is no point in punishing such youths. We must motivate them instead," Prakash added.

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