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By S Vikram | Dec 27, 2019 06:29 PM

Prakash of Keerakaara Street in Bavani, Erode district was arrested by the police for behaving inappropriately with one woman police. On the day of the incident, Prakash was completely drunk while he teased and scolded the concerned woman police.

Man asks tn police for one one fight in bavani erode

The woman police passed on the information to other officers who called Prakash for an investigation. When the police officers went to pick Prakash, he began to scold them using inappropriate words. At one point he asked the police, "Are you ready for a one on one fight with me?".

After realizing the man's uncontrollable behaviour, the police tried to get him to the station gently. But Prakash continued his scolding and ran way for the police to chase him until he jumped into the Bavani river.

Prakash continued his scolding while he was in the river which made the police to move away from the area for time being. One of the police officers shot the video of his atrocities on his mobile phone. After a while, Prakash became sober as a result of getting drenched into the water.

Later he was spotted standing at the bus stop with wet clothes. The police officers appeared in front of him and reminded about his atrocities. Out of fear Prakash started crying and had to plead with the police to leave him as he was out of his mind because of alcohol. However, the police gave him a special treatment and sent to jail.

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