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By S Vikram | Dec 15, 2019 11:20 AM

A group of men in Coimbatore attracted the interests of youngsters who desired to live a lavish lifestyle. The police got a tip-off that Dacoity rates had been increasing in Karumandhapatti. Therefore, a special team was employed by Inspector Shamnugam to check the vehicles passing through the area. During one such vehicle inspection near Naal Road, police arrested a guy named Saran.

Dacoity fraud gang arrested by TN Police in coimbatore

During the investigation, it was revealed that Saran, a 20-year-old Diploma graduate was inspired by one Tamil film and involved in Dacoity. It is said that Saran and his gang which includes Kamalakannan, Gopalakrishnan, Santhosh Kumar and Pandeeswaran snatched the mobile phones and gold chains from hundreds of women.

Reportedly Saran and his team confessed involving in hardcore Dacoity in Karumandhapatti, Annannur, Sathyamangalam, Bavani and Erode to hundreds of women. In yet another case, two youngsters- Abhisekh Kumar and Immanuel were arrested near Kanniyur Tollgate. The duo had also been earning money through Dacoties. In fact, they had created a WhatsApp group and lured youngsters into Dacoities to live a costly lifestyle.

The arrested Dacoity Fraud gang confessed that they would spend the money on outing and girlfriends. It has to be mentioned that they had been using hi-tech modern two-wheelers to successfully execute their Dacoities.

Note: The person in the above picture is the 20-year-old diploma graduate Saran mentioned in the above report.

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