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By Vinershea | Dec 14, 2019 08:30 PM

In a recent hair-raising video, a photographer got very close and personal with a 20-foot green anaconda underwater. After getting too close to the snake, the man managed to take some great pictures and videos of the world’s biggest snake.

Man \'up close & personal\' photoshoot with 20-feet anaconda 

One photo which will shock you; where he also snapped a selfie with the reptile. The fearless photographer has been identified as 35-year-old Jorge Cervera Hauser. He is the founder of the adventure travel company Pelagnic Fleet in Mexico. 

According to Times Now report, the man spent nearly 40 minutes with the snake in Brazil’s Formoso River. 

"The green anaconda I photographed, which is the largest anaconda species in the world, was around six metres long. I was not scared since I am used to hanging around with large predators underwater," said Jorge.

Further on his experience with the reptile, Jorge asserted that the snake was very shy and was trying to avoid him and his crew. 

"Ever since I learned about a clear river in Brazil where you could find green anacondas, it was high up on my bucket list. One day, I got the call that an expedition was heading down and I jumped at the opportunity. Our base was the town of Bonito, out of where we would depart each morning to the Formoso River and look for the mythical snake," he further added. 

Jorge and his crew have also taken pictures and videos of great white sharks and other sea creatures which have been featured in magazines and websites.

Watch the video below: 

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