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By S Vikram | Dec 16, 2019 06:09 PM

A brutal accident in Keelkatalai between a bike and MTC bus saved a 2-year-old boy but the mother of the boy had died on the spot along with her 5-year-old daughter.  The incident happened on Medavakkam-Madipakkam road on Sunday (December 15) evening.

MTC bus and bike accident in Chennai saves 2-yearoldboy

Reportedly the woman who drove the two-wheeler had clashed with the MTC bus and lost her balance. She had her 5-year-old daughter Shivani at the back of the bike while her 2-year-old son Deepak was standing over the front space (probably she might have driven a 'scooty' type gearless bike) of the bike. The woman was identified as the 25-year-old Sudha.

Sudha was living in Tirisulam next to Pallavaram and had visited her mother's home on Sunday. The accident happened while she was returning back home in the evening. Reports say that as soon as the MTC bus and Sudha's bike clashed, she and her daughter fell on the road. The back tyres of the bus rolled over the two of them, thus leading to their death.

How the 2-Year-old Deepak was saved?

Based on the reports by Traffic police, the boy was saved since he was standing in front of the vehicle. The moment bike clashed with the bus, the boy lost his balance and fell onto the other side of the road. The bystanders were totally disheartened to see Deepak crying on the road. Later his relatives were called and he was handed over to them.

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