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By S Vikram | Dec 27, 2019 12:09 PM

In a brutal road accident happened in Puliyampatti in Tiruppur District near Puliampatti, an OMNI van crashed and a family of 3 were injured severely on December 25. The OMNI was driven by Thiyagarajan (54) in which his wife Shanthi (50) and Daughter Priyadharshini (14) were also present. The family was returning from Maasaniamman Temple to their native Pulivalasu near Muisri in Trichy District.

Police turned driver for accident victim in Tiruppur

Road Accident

The accident happened when a car crashed with the OMNI van, thus toppling it on the ground in Puliyampatti. The local people gathered at the spot tried calling 108 Ambulance. Unfortunately, the ambulance had gone to Tarapuram and could not be sent to Puliyampatti. Meanwhile, Thiyagarajan got stuck within the crushed OMNI suffering in pain. His wife and daughter looked helpless.

Police Ganesh and 24 KM

Police Ganesh who was aware of the accident went to a person called Adipar who was providing Ambulance services in Moolanur. But Adipar claimed that though Ambulance was available there was no driver. In no time, Ganesh got the keys from Adipar, drove the Ambulance on his own and reached the spot. He rescued Thiyagarajan and family to the hospital which was 24 KM away from the accident spot.

Driving Skills

Finally, Ganesh admitted Thiyagarajan at the hospital at the right time and left the place. According to Vikatan report, Ganesh did not inform the family that he is the police.  Interestingly Ganesh used to be a driver for DIG earlier in his career.

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