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By Ramya Ashok Kumar | Jan 17, 2019 12:51 PM

Renowned kitchen appliances brand Preethi in collaboration with the Food Consulate is attempting to build the world’s tallest cupcake tower. Preethi will be using its best-seller Mixer-Grinder, Zodiac, to prepare the cupcake batter.

Preethi attempts at Guinness World Record in Chennai

The aim is to build a 40ft tower with 10,000 cupcakes to mark the 40th year of the brand. By doing so, Preethi will create a new Guinness World Record. The previously set record was a 35ft tower with 6370 cupcakes. The cupcakes made by Preethi will later be handed over to Hindu-Friends of Chennai to be distributed across NGOs in the city.

This is not the first time Preethi has attempted a record. In 2017, Preethi entered the Asia Book of Records for the Longest Grinding Marathon with its Vega W5 motor Mixer-Grinder. The grinding marathon lasted over 77hrs and 1000kg of batter was produced. These record attempts are a way of proving the superior quality of their products and reiterate confidence of consumers in the brand.

The world record attempt will be conducted at Forum Vijaya Mall in Vadapalani on January 18 and 19. The event will commence from 8 am onwards on Jan 18. Entry is free for all.