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Elephant Sengamalam sports bob-cut at the Rajagopalaswamy temple

Sengamalam, an elephant at the Rajagopalaswami temple in Mannargudi recently got a new haircut. After years of growing hair, Sengamalam recently got a bob-cut. Sengamalam's mahout, Rajagopal took his time to grow the elephant's hair and also bought the mammal a shower for Rs 45,000.


Rajagopal reportedly said, "Sengamalam is like my child. I wanted her to have a special look. Once I watched an elephant cub with a bob-cut in a video on the internet. So, I started to grow Sengamalam’s hair. For the last six years, I have been maintaining her hair very carefully."


Even though other temple authorities tried to replicate Sengamalam's hairstyle on their elephants, it did not work.



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