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By Anumaggie | May 20, 2022 05:44 PM

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is currently playing only in IPL matches.

MS Dhoni fans eagerly waiting for today\'s match hashtag trend

Bad season

The 15th edition of the IPL has been going on in full swing in India since March 26. A few days before the start of the series, Dhoni, who was the captain of the Chennai Super Kings team, abruptly announced his resignation as captain. Following this, Ravindra Jadeja was selected as the new captain. He has won only 4 of the 13 matches played so far and is 9th in the standings. So it has become impossible to go to the playoffs this year.

MS Dhoni fans eagerly waiting for today match hashtag trend

Today's match

CSK will take on Rajasthan Royals today. This is the last match for Chennai team this season. So it will be exciting to win this match and finish the series with a win. Opposing Rajasthan Royals have already qualified for the play-offs.

MS Dhoni fans eagerly waiting for today match hashtag trend

Suddenly trending hashtag

In this situation, ahead of today's match, fans have been trending the hashtag ‘definitely not’ on Twitter. When Dhoni was asked if ​​this would be his last IPL series when he left the 2019 IPL series, he said "definitely not". He played in the 2020 IPL series and won the title. Fans have been creating and trending this hashtag in the hope that Dhoni will say "definitely not" this time around, amidst speculation that Dhoni may retire this year.

MS Dhoni fans eagerly waiting for today match hashtag trend




The 8th Behindwoods Gold Medals Awards will be held this year on May 21 and 22 at the Island Ground in Chennai Island from 6pm to 11.30pm. Ticket booking for this is currently underway.

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