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Rohit Sharma reveals that he felt like punching Jadeja during safari

In a show, "What the Duck", Indian cricketers Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane shared a little adventure they had with fellow teammate Ravindra Jadeja during a jungle safari in South Africa this year. Reportedly, Jadeja's antics could have almost gotten them killed.


Rahane said, "I remember many things during the Safari and we had lots of fun. But one incident that took place was Cheetah walking." Rahane and Rohit along with their wives and Jadeja were at the centre of the jungle and witnessed two cheetahs catching a prey when Jadeja started making noises.


Sharma said, "The moment Jadeja started making noises, those cheetahs turned around to look at us. At that time, only I know what was going through my mind. I looked at Jadeja angrily and I felt like punching him but then I thought that it is necessary to stay calm now." However, despite getting angry, Rohit Sharma confessed that it was one of the best experiences in his life. 


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