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By S Vikram | Jul 17, 2019 05:26 PM

Now the Cricket World Cup is over but it looks like Indian Sports needs to be taken care of in other departments as well. Trinamool Congress MP, Mr Prasun Banerjee had reportedly spoken about the issues faced by National Sports Academy in the Parliament of India. Mr Prasun had strongly criticized the inability to take Football forward in our country.

Prasun Banerjee slams Sports department at the Parliament

Mr Prasun Banerjee is a former Indian Football Player and also the recipient of honorary Arjuna Award. Though he appreciated Indian Government’s National Education Policy 2019, he seemed to be clearly unhappy with the activities of All India Football Federation according to the report by The Hindu. Reportedly, Mr.Prasun had sought a serious look into the game of football by the concerned authorities.

As per the reports by The Hindu, Mr Prasun has been quoted as saying, “Though we appreciate National Education Policy, National Sports academy needs serious care. In fact, there is no coordination the Sports Committees around our nation. Also, there is no proper scheme to appreciate different sports in our country and it is due to lack of awareness among the policymakers”.

The report further quoted his statement, “The activities of the National Football Federation needs to be looked at. I seriously doubt that their activities intend to destroy the game of Football. Because the funds were allocated only to them, not to the actual players on the field. Only roti and subji cannot win the World Cup”.

Earlier another Trinamool Congress MP Mrs Mahua Moitra accused the Government of India by listing out the indicative elements of fascism being imposed on people in her speech at the Parliament of India.