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By S Vikram | Oct 10, 2019 08:44 PM

The height of indecency and dreadful attitude revealed out of a male Football fan in Mexico when he grabbed the breast of the USA football star Sofia Huerta while taking a selfie.The incident happened after a friendly football match between Houston Dash and Tigres UANL in Monterrey, Mexico on October 5. Reportedly, the match was the first international game played by a National Women's Soccer League team in Mexico.

Football fan grabs football star Sofia\'s breast in Selfie

Once the historic game ended, Sofia Huerta who is the USA's international midfielder walked up to the stands and greeted fans while also taking pictures. A cheerful Sofia graciously accepted to take a selfie with one of the male fans upon his request.

In a series of 2 pictures, the male fan is seen stretching his mobile while Sofia takes a selfie with another fan in the first picture. In the second picture, the man could be seen groping the 26-year-old Sofia's breast while she smiles looking at the camera. The generous Sofia did not show any discomfort while taking the picture and remained calm.

However, Sofia seemed uncomfortable when she returned back to the dressing room. The picture was posted on twitter which became viral and reached the eyes of the concerned football club that hosted the match. The club has officially announced to 'file a lawsuit' against the offender and further stated that the person will be banned for watching any kind of football game in their facilities.

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