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By Vaishvedhidha | Aug 18, 2019 04:02 PM

Monsoons bring joy to people and laltely, we have realised how necessary rain is , but with rain also comes danger. Various sickness, accidents and so on. So it is important to be safe.

Video: Lightning strikes man walking with umbrella in rain

We often come across news where lightning strikes during rain. Sometimes we receive a glorious picture or video of lightning showing the miracle of nature.

However, what we are about to see itself is a miracle. A CCTV footage shows a man walking in rain with an umbrella. Soon, lightning strikes his umbrella and leaves him unhurt. Later he shared the video of the incident captioning “Cameras caught my crazy experience with lightning. Supa thankful to have been able to motor scoot out of there without major injuries.”

"I took a chance and I said, 'I hope I don't get struck by lightning'. I felt a shock. It was just kind of insane for it to happen like that. I was just trying to get home and get something to eat," he told WMBF.

Usually, it is not advicable to go outdoors during thunderstorms and also to carry an umbrella. This man was probably having his lucky star shine upon him.