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By S Vikram | Aug 18, 2019 01:58 PM

In a bizarre incident, a waiter in a restaurant had been shot dead by a customer since the ordered food took a long time to arrive. Reportedly the incident created a sense of unrest for the employees of the concerned restaurant at Bobigny in France. According to the reports, the restaurant had been opened very recently and would run in a very “Quiet” manner.

Restaurant waiter shot dead-sandwich arrived late in france

A witness from the scene had clearly observed the incident and was really taken aback by the act of the gunman. “The gunman lost his temper since his sandwich was not prepared quickly,” said the witness according to the reports.

The accused fled away from the scene and the 28-year-old waiter could not be saved as he died on the spot. The colleagues of the waiter had called the cops immediately after the incident and further investigations are underway. Reportedly the incident happened on August 17 (Saturday) and people were thronging in front of the restaurant after hearing the news.

"It is sad. It's a quiet restaurant, without any problems. It just opened a few months ago,” a 29-year-old French woman was quoted as saying by the BBC. According to the media reports, the murder happened in the area where people observe the increasing drug dealers and public drunkenness in recent times. The local residents feel such illegal activities have raised the crime level in the area.