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By Vinershea | Nov 25, 2019 11:18 PM

The on going Mzansi Super League (MSL) is in full swing, and every day cricketers are making headlines with their scores and performance.

Chris Gayle furious after MSL campaign, Slams management 

Currently, veteran West Indies batsman Chris Gayle stole the limelight after playing his last game on November 24. He had also scored a half-century during the game. Despite making a half-century the Jozi Stars lost the game to Tshwane Spartans. 

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle finished the competition with 101 runs in six games at an average of less than 20. Soon after the match while speaking to reporters, he said that he alone is being made the center of attention for the loss of the team. 

“I am not talking for this team only. This is something I have analysed over the years playing franchise cricket. Chris Gayle is always a burden if I don’t score runs, two, three, four times. It seems like that one particular individual is the burden for the team. And then you will hear bickering. I am not going to get respect. People don’t remember what you have done for them. I don’t get respect.” Gayle said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

Further lashing out at the team players and management, he asserted that he seems to receive no backing and no respect if he ceases to produce the goods on a few occasions. 

“And I am not talking about this franchise. I am talking generally. Even from players as well, I am talking. Players, management, head of management, board members. Chris Gayle never get no respect. Once Chris Gayle fails, it’s the end of his career, he is no good, he is the worst player and all these other things. I’ve generally overcome these things and I expect these things and I have lived with these things," he further added.

Gayle also expressed himself stating that he badly wanted to win the game. He is also deeply hurt of not being able to take the team past the finish line.

“It was bad, bad to watch. Everyone will be hurt from such a thing. I am hurt from a personal point of view. I really wanted to win. I thought this was the one but it wasn’t meant to be again.” he further added.

அரசியல், விளையாட்டு, நாட்டுநடப்பு, குற்ற சம்பவங்கள், வர்த்தகம், தொழில்நுட்பம், சினிமா, வாழ்க்கை முறை என பலதரப்பட்ட சுவாரஸ்யமான செய்திகளை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கு கிளிக் செய்யவும்