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By S Vikram | Nov 25, 2019 04:31 PM

Two months ago, Suresh Raina had to undergo a knee operation which was known after he shared the picture of him at the hospital backdrop. Though cricket fans have been missing Raina on the field, his asset has been proved by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the recent retention process. As always CSK remained loyal to its 'Kutty Thala' by keeping him in the squad ahead of IPL 2020 auction in December.

Latest video of Raina running on twitter. CSK, India, BCCI

In September, Raina revealed that he was willing to play for the National team and he said "I can be the No. 4 for India. I have batted in that slot before and delivered. I am looking forward to an opportunity with two T20 World Cups coming up," as quoted by The Hindu. However, he was not considered by BCCI in the next following tournaments.

Irrespective of the prevailing odds, Raina keeps himself energetic and has been posting his fitness videos once in a while on his Twitter handle. Earlier, he had posted his gym workout session which went viral.

Then he posted another running video.

Today, he has posted his running session which was shot from his back. In the new video, Raina could be seen running a stretch while the camera is placed idle in one position at his back.

Does he mean that the Lion is looking for perfect time by not showing his face in the video? It is a known fact Suresh and Tamil actor Suriya share good friendship. Suriya had also acknowledged his friendship earlier.

In Vaaranam Aayiram, the character of Suriya would undergo a lower phase. In order to get back in life, he would hit the gym to concerntrate on his fitness.  Can we see the similar process in Suresh Raina's life now?  We would have to wait and see as to what future cricket has in store for him.

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