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By S Vikram | Aug 19, 2019 01:56 PM

The Supreme Court of India has reportedly postponed the probe date in regards to linking Aadhaar Card on individual facebook accounts to August 20 (Tuesday). The American Social Media Networking Company, Facebook filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the transfer of pending cases in the High Courts to the Supreme Court.

SC hears plea on Aadhaar Card by Facebook on tuesday

The Supreme Court was supposed to hear the plea today which did not happen since the court wanted to go through additional materials placed before it. There have been a widespread law and order problems including the suicide of women because of morphed nude pictures and other immoral activities using the online media.

While there are four individual cases are in the process of hearing across the nation including Madras High Court, Facebook has filed a petition in the Supreme Court stating the reasons to transfer all the cases since everything is related to linking Facebook accounts with Aadhaar Cards.

The petition filed by Facebook was quoted as saying "Transfer would serve the interest of justice by avoiding the possibility of conflicting decisions from four common cases. Indeed avoiding conflicting decisions is particularly necessary here to ensure that users are afforded equal privacy protection. across the country and to prevent an infeasible situation where the petitioner which operates uniform platform throughout India, is ordered to link Aadhaar information only for users in certain Indian states but not others,"