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By Vinershea | May 21, 2019 12:07 PM

In a horrifying case, a man alleged complained that glass pieces were found in a burger at a Burger King outlet in Pune last week. The man identified as Sajit Pathan, had gone for lunch with his friends at the outlet at the FC Road last Wednesday.

Pune man chokes, spits blood after eating burger with glass pieces

According to The Hindustan Times report, the man ordered burgers, fries and soft drinks for all his friends, but when he took a bite of his burger; he suddenly choked, complained of pain in his throat and spat out blood. His shocked friends, suspecting something may have stuck in his throat, checked his burger and allegedly found some broken glass pieces in it.

They immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital and paid Rs. 15,000 for his immediate treatment. The next day again, they spent more than double the amount but the doctors assured that the glass pieces would naturally exit his body through excretion, Hindustan Times added.

Meanwhile, investigating officer Inspector Deepak Lagad, told IANS that "we have registered a complaint by the customer last Saturday (May 18) against Burger King. We are awaiting medical reports from the hospital before taking further steps. We have scanned the CCTV footage when the alleged incident took place, but prima facie, there was no evidence of glass pieces in the burger."

"The victim's condition is now fine and he is moving around normally, but the investigations would continue in the matter," Inspector added.

After contacting a manager at the Burger King outlet, he denied any knowledge of the incident, saying that he was on leave at that time.