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Over 100 baby cobras rescued from house in Odisha

A villager in Odisha’s Bhadrak district was shocked to find over 100 baby cobras on Saturday from a mound in his newly-thatched mud house. Volunteers from Snake Helpline, an NGO, were called and they rescued over 110 baby cobras, about two to three days old, and two adult cobras, a male and a female.

Bijay Bhuyan’s daughter sprung back in shock and ran to her father when a baby monocled cobra crawled over her leg at their house in Shyampur village. Bhuyan did a close inspection of the room and was shocked to find a termite mound full of baby snakes crawling inside on the corner of the room.

They rescuers also found about 20 eggs from the mound. A forest official was quoted as saying that the snakes will be released into their natural habitat, far from human habitation.



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