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By S Vikram | Aug 05, 2019 11:16 AM

Obviously, the number of people owning vehicles has drastically increased, especially in Bengaluru where the traffic just takes its own time to clear in most of the places. Of late, the plan to deny petrol on violation of helmet rule had been in discussion. According to the latest reports, the Bengaluru traffic police and petrol station owners have come to a new agreement.

No helmet No petrol turns helmet awareness at Bengaluru city

Earlier, there was a plan by Bengaluru traffic police to ensure ‘No Helmet, No petrol’ policy across all the petrol stations in the city. But, reportedly the owners of the petrol stations seemed to be hesitant in agreeing to such enforcement of rule immediately concerning the practical impossibilities.

According to The Hindu, Ravi Hamsa from the Bengaluru Petrol Bunks Owners Association had told though it is very important to enforce the need to wear a helmet as per Rule No 129, there is no rule to deny them petrol. “Nearly 60% of customers in petrol stations are two-wheeler owners, and more than half of these are regular customers who live in the neighbourhood. By suddenly implementing a ban, we may see arguments,” B.R. Ravindranath, a petrol station owner was quoted as saying.

Finally, the petrol station owners and Bengaluru traffic police have decided on an awareness campaign at each of the 500 petrol stations across the city. Therefore, each of the police stations will have a police officer monitoring the awareness campaign and if anybody gets into unwanted arguments or activities against the campaign, legal actions will be imposed on the concerned person.