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By Vaishvedhidha | May 08, 2019 04:00 PM

The video shows man wearing a dress similar to the robe, a black jacket and a headgear refused to cooperate with the Bengaluru metro station security staff after the metal detector alarm went off as he passed through it. Upon questioned by the security personnel, the man fled from the scene.

Mystery man with suspicious object escapes checkpoint

Later, he tried to get in from another entrance but failed. When asked to open his bag there, he fled again. Meanwhile, a housekeeping staff at the metro station informed the investigators that a similar-looking person approached her and asked whether she would carry out something if paid, reports Deccan Herald.

The incident was shared on WhatsApp warning people of terror attack. “These WhatsApp messages are fake news and reckless rumour mongering. There have been a flood of such rumours after the terror attacks in Sri Lanka. But there is no truth to any of them,” said City Police Commissioner T. Suneel Kumar, reports The Hindu.

Following the incident, security has been tightened at all public transport at Bengaluru. Yeshwanth Chavan, spokesperson for BMRCL, said "We have not deployed any additional security personnel but have asked existing staff members to be on alert,” speaking to The News Minute.

The two bus stations nearby started surprise checking passengers. Three teams have been formed to nab the suspicious man. Police say that they are investigating whether it was a prank or whether the man actually posed a security threat.

Investigation is going on. According to the Bengaluru City Police (BCP), there were slim chances of that man being someone with a hidden agenda to harm others. "Our team has been checking through all hotels, dormitories and public installations near Majestic area and other parts of the city. Though it appears to be an event which is being blown out of proportion we will verify his identity. We have already collected the security camera footage from BMRCL officials," said a police official, reports Bangalore Mirror.

Karnataka home minister MB Patil said Patil said, "The man could be an ordinary man, or maybe a suspect. But we can't take a chance." 

You can find the video of the man entering, here or here.