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By Vaishvedhidha | May 02, 2019 12:43 PM

We all must have been or seen a situation where police challans riders for not wearing a helmet. It is pretty common. A motorist in Kerala was fined for not wearing a helmet. But the catch? He was driving an SUV and not a bike!

Kerala police gives challan to car driver for not wearing helmet

He was driving a Tata Nexon when he was challaned for not wearing a helmet. He took it to Facebook and shared the pictures in a post.

According to India Times, the translation of the post explains that he was travelling on Shasthankota Chavara route with his family when the traffic police stopped him, apparently for not wearing a helmet. A sense of sarcasm can be noticed in the post by Kumar as the incident is less likely to be a deliberate move than a mistake at the hands of the traffic police.

Kumar realised that the challan was for not wearing a helmet only after he had already paid it and was thereby released by the police. There could have been a mistake where he was originally fined for something like not wearing a seatbelt but the challans could have been intermixed with someone who didn't wear a helmet.

Though we may not know that now, we sure can have a good hearty laugh.