Man loses Rs 1.3 lakh in a scam asking to link phone and Aadhaar

Shashwat Gupta, a Mumbai-based man, has reportedly lost Rs 1.3 lakh in a scam asking to link his phone number to his Aadhaar card. Gupta, who works in Kozhikode for a private firm, in a Facebook post, said a man claiming to be from Airtel said his SIM card would be deactivated if he had not linked his Aadhaar and mobile numbers. The man also further asked Gupta to send his SIM number to 121. When Gupta was confused, the man sent another number. When Gupta readily provided the SIM number, it was deactivated in minutes. Meanwhile, the fraudster obtained a duplicate SIM and looted Rs 1.3 lakhs from his salary bank account. Gupta, in his post, also blamed ICICI over poor response. The bank has reportedly assured a probe.

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