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Husband can’t use wife’s debit card: Consumer Court.

A Consumer Court has ruled that husband cannot use wife’s debit card as the card is non-transferable and can be only used by the bank account holder. The court delivered the verdict in a case filed by a Bengaluru woman, who gave her ATM card and PIN to her husband to withdraw an amount of Rs 25,000.

In 2013, the woman’s husband swiped the card at a State Bank of India ATM. While he received the withdrawal slip, the ATM didn’t dispense the money. The bank, however, didn’t give them the amount and closed the case in a few days saying that the account holder was not the ATM user.

The couple later obtained the CCTV footage from the ATM showing the husband using ATM. In the video, the ATM didn’t release cash. However, the court, in its final verdict, dismissed the case and said that should have given a self cheque or an authorisation letter to her husband for withdrawal of Rs 25,000.



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