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By Vinershea | Jun 21, 2019 12:42 PM

This is one of the best videos to watch today, where a brave farmer used only a stick to defend himself as he chased off a vicious lion attacking his cows in Gujarat's Amreli city.

Farmer chases off LION with stick to protect his cows: Watch Video

The CCTV camera which in placed outside his house captured shocking visuals that shows cattle galloping through his yard in the middle of the night as he runs out shirtless to discover the big cat.

According to the Daily Mail reports, the man identified as Vadher wielded a stick behind his head as he rushes towards danger. While his tiny calf tried to run across the yard after a bigger cow but the lion catches it and grips it by the neck in its jaws.

As the beast tries to take his calf away, Vadher hurls his stick at the lion's head, prompting it to run away. The rest of the cattle ran out of the barn looking considerably shaken by the night's intruder, the Daily Mail further reports.

While speaking to the brave farmer, Vadher said "the stick hit the lion on his head, he dropped the calf and jumped the boundary wall out of my house. It is just five months old and very dear to my heart. I couldn't help attacking the lion on seeing it grab the calf by its neck."

"Lions attack our animals once every two days. There are four lions living in our village - living with big cats has become a way of life," Vadher added.

Vadher admitted that the act was spontaneous, but he may not have been able to react as sharply if the lion had been attacking a fully-grown cow. Media reports say that, a large population of lions live in Africa, but there are a small population of endangered Asiatic lions in western India's Gir Forest.

Watch the dramatic visuals here: