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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 12, 2019 06:34 PM

In an amusing turn of events, an Arab woman has filed for divorce while she was on honeymoon with her husband after realising he is stingy.

Arab Woman files for divorce while on honeymoon

When it comes to money, mutual understanding is very important especially when two people are living together. When attention isn't paid to it, things can turn very ugly. Such is the case of an arab woman who had had enough of her husband's attitude that she ended up filing a divorce in Abu Dhabi court.

According to India Times, the woman said that the husband, who was 13 years younger to her, refused to pay for the expenses occuring during the trip and otherwise. She also stated that the husband didn't pay for the wedding as well.

The angry woman further said that she was willing to waive all her rights to get the divorce. He has asked her to take care of the expenses as he had lost all of his personal documents.