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By Vinershea | Jun 17, 2020 12:40 PM

A renowned IT firm in Chennai, is currently in the news after an IT employee union has alleged that the company has put out a very rude and a shrewd way to terminate employees at their Chennai campus.

cts cognizant forcing benched employees to resign in chennai

As per a report, the IT employee union has released a press release concerning this matter and have also asked the IT firm to stop such behaviour. This IT employee union, is an active unit in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The union, in its press release, has alleged that the top IT company is benching employees at Chennai offices and then forcing them to resign after 41 days. 

“We came to know that the company is now actively pursuing to lay off several of their employees at various locations in Chennai. Many of our union members have come to us complaining about the resignation threats made by HR over email and through telephone," the union said in its release. 

“If the employee is not ready to resign they start getting threatening calls from HR warning that they will initiate the termination process. We also came to know that several employees were already sent out by the end of last month," the release added.  

Highlighting what benched employees are -  usually, in the IT industry, those who have no active projects are put on bench and are kept in a resource pool for future projects. Also, once an employee is benched, the IT firm gives them 35 days to upskill themselves and find a project. 

Sometimes, after 35 days, another 6 days extension is also given; even after that employees are not able to find a new project within those 41 days, then the HR asks them to resign. As per the union, many are even threatened by the HR.

Further stating their stand on the issue, the state union asserted that 'finding a new project with a new skill is almost impossible for an IT employee, that too within 41 days. That is why, this IT company is indirectly forcing employees to resign'.

In the past few days, several employees have already been relieved from their duty.

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